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Personal Injury Lawyers in Northern California

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If you or your loved one was injured or killed in a car accident or by a negligent party, reach out to the Law Offices of J.Chrisp today. Since 2010, we have been fighting on behalf of our clients, helping them get fair and full compensation for their losses. We can help you, too. Our attorneys can help you identify which parties are liable for your injuries, and then we can work to hold them accountable both financially and legally.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need compensation to help pay for:
  • Medical bills — we’ll help you negotiate and resolve medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Hospital and ambulance fees
  • Property or car damage after an accident
  • Transportation if you are not able to travel
  • Keeping your credit safe from medical creditors
  • Getting qualified doctors and medical specialists

With decades of combined experience under our belts, we have successfully served thousands of clients and recovered more than $200 million dollars on their behalf. As a result, our attorneys are deeply familiar with all aspects of California personal injury law. Our team can efficiently guide you through each stage of the claims process as we help you make sound decisions about your future. You can rely on our lawyers to relentlessly fight for the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Call the Law Offices of J.Chrisp today at (415) 360-1919 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys in Northern California. We also speak Spanish.

An Award-Winning Law Firm

Whether you were harmed by an abusive nursing home employee, negligent property owner, careless motorist, or anybody else, we can help. As your representative, we will fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have won many awards in this area of law over the years, including being selected to Northern California Rising Stars℠ from 2013 to 2019, having an Avvo Rating of 10.0 Superb and an A+ rating on BBB, and being nominated for San Francisco Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2018We have the skill set and experience required to effectively fight on your behalf both in and out of the courtroom.

Our firm handles cases involving:

The Process of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

After getting into an accident, you should file a personal injury claim and lawsuit right away. Many people do not realize that there is a set time limit for when you have to do so, and if you cross that threshold, you will not be able to file a lawsuit. To protect yourself and get the best chance of recovering financial damages, you should get the ball rolling and file your claim as quickly as possible.

Filing Your Injury Claim

After your car accident, you can file a claim with your own insurance company. To do so, you will need your personal information and your insurance identification card with your policy number. When you call, they will ask questions about your accident. Feel free to provide them with basic details only, avoid elaborating, and do not guess on anything or provide unnecessary information. They will be recording the call and may use what you say against you later on. Through this process, you will be given a claims number that can be used at the doctor’s office or at the auto body repair shop – just make sure you go to approved locations.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Can Be Complicated

In theory, dealing with your accident should be as easy as calling your insurance company and opening a claim. In reality, it can be incredibly complicated and time-consuming. If you are unfamiliar with the process, you may find yourself overwhelmed and pressed for time. The amount of questions and paperwork the insurance company requires can become tedious quickly.

In addition, if you do decide to file a lawsuit, there are legal forms and paperwork that must be correctly filled out, filed with the court, and served on the other party. Doing so without any legal training can be beyond difficult. So much so, that it is rare for someone to not have problems based on technicalities, even if the substance of the claim is accurate and worthy. This is why it pays to work with a lawyer.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you have someone on your side who will negotiate with the insurance company for you. If they make a fair settlement offer, you may not need to go to court.

If you do, however, you should be prepared to:
  • Complete interrogatories (written questions)
  • Give a deposition (recorded interview)
  • Tell your story (before and during trial)

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you prepare for this, so you can feel confident in your ability to state what happened and answer questions in a calm fashion. This is particularly beneficial if you have to give a deposition or take the stand during a trial.

How an Attorney Can Help You Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Most people assume that since they pay their insurance company a monthly premium, they are on their side and will work to make the claims process easy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Remember that the insurance company is in the business to make money. If they pay out the maximum amount on all claims, it will cut into their profits. Instead, they try to limit their exposure and settle claims for as little as possible.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Make Sure You Are Treated Fairly

It is difficult for someone not in the legal or insurance field to know what injury claims are really worth or what a fair settlement offer is. For this reason, many people settle their claim for far less than they should. The good news is that when you have an attorney working with you, you are gaining the knowledge and experience of that attorney. As a result, you will know when you are receiving a fair offer or when you could potentially do better by going to trial.

Get the Medical Help You Need

Another way that a personal injury attorney can help is by making sure you have access to the right doctors. It is common practice for insurance companies to try and limit expenses by preventing injured people from visiting a specialist or receiving an expensive procedure or surgery. If you have been told that a procedure may help your brain injury but the insurance company does not want to pay, our California brain injury lawyers can help.

Save Time by Working With a Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident, you may be surprised by how many phone calls and letters you receive from the insurance company. It can border on harassment or certainly feel like it, as you are asked to fill out paperwork and send information back to them on a regular basis.

If you are tired of dealing with it or find yourself ignoring their phone calls, an attorney can take over the communication. With everything going through your lawyer’s office, you can be confident that everything will be taken care of without you having to be the one to do it.

Settling Your Case vs. Going to Trial

Just because you hire an attorney, that does not mean you have to go to court. Many times an attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, help you receive a fair offer, and settle everything outside of court. The only way to know which option (settling vs. going to trial) will be best for you is to schedule a consultation.

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